Professional Landscaping Services in Malaysia

Our Landscape and Garden Specialist is specialized in professional landscape design, landscape installation, landscape construction, and gardening projects for residential housing including terrace houses or link houses, semi-detached houses, luxurious bungalows, flats, apartments and condominiums, as well as commercial and industrial  buildings like shopping complexes, factories, hospitals in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, Selangor.

Among the range of services provided by us including landscape and garden design, landscape construction and landscape maintenance and landscape management: -

Professional Landscape Design, Garden Design, Front Yard, and Backyard Landscape Planning

Landscape Installation, Landscape Construction and Landscape Management

Professional Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Revamp, Landscape Remodel

- Softscape or soft landscape and hardscape or hard landscape maintenance Work.

- Tranplanting and Translocation of Flower, Tress or Shrubs.

- Supply of Plants including Flowers, Tress, and Palms and Doing
Planting Works.


- Plant and Flower Rental Service or Leasing for Events

- Tree Cutting, Grass Cutting or Trees Removal and Disposal Service.

- Other Landscape and Gardening Works including Lawn Renovation, Trellis, Gazebo, Clearance and Reshaping of Area, Timber Decking and Timber Pergola, Lawn Turfing, Lawn Seeding, Shrub Planting, Artificial Grass Lawns, Plantscape, Fish Ponds, Water Feature or Fountain, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Uprooting, Tree Planting, Grass Crete or Gravel for parking areas, Grass Cutting, Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Low Voltage Lighting, Fre Pits, Sod, Site Grading, Driveways, Drainage secondary Drainage, Irrigation, Play Areas, Sports Areas, Top Soiling, Topdressing. 

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