Soft Landscape & Hard Landscape Products Design & Installation in Malaysia

We also do sales and supply a wide range of soft landscape and hard landscape products or garden decoration features, including lawn laying and plants supply for all buildings, parks, recreational parks, new housing development or commercial development sites, upgrading projects, etc in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley of Selangor.

Soft Landscape Services Company in Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley, Malaysia

Soft landscape refers to the job of installation of plants and flowers, soil, mulches, from turf, carpet grass to large trees.

•    Turf, lawns and flowering.
•    Planting of trees and palms.
•    Shrub planting.
•    Turf establishment.
•    Green walls/ green retaining walls.
•    Carpet grass

Hard Landscaping Service in Klang Valley & KL, Malaysia

Hard landscaping refers to the features in gardens that are built and installed.
•    Aquatic water features.
•    Bali carvings.
•    Balinese design integration.
•    Blinds.
•    Cement stone with patterns.
•    Chlorine tablets.
•    Custom made fibre glass tank.
•    Custom made water feature.
•    Decorative stones, feature stone.
•    Fence.
•    Fish pond, koi pond.
•    Flower slab.
•    Flower wall plate.
•    Footpath or walkway.
•    Fountain.
•    Garden lights.
•    Garden table set.
•    Handmade pottery.
•    Handmade earthen pots.
•    Indoor plant decoration.
•    Indoor water feature.
•    Indoor water features.
•    Irrigation products.
•    Machine-made pots.
•    Natural stone with patterns.
•    Outdoor water feature.
•    Outdoor water features.
•    Paths, footpath.
•    Patios.
•    Pedestals.
•    Pergolas.
•    Poles.
•    Pools.
•    Portable water feature.
•    Pots.
•    Retaining walls.
•    Rock fountain.
•    Saucers.
•    Sitting areas and decking.
•    Slab stone.
•    Spot lights.
•    Statues.
•    Submersible pumps.
•    Timber planters.
•    Timber works including roof & fence.
•    Trellis pagoda & other sculpture.
•    Tulip wall plate.
•    Underwater light fittings




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